How to Knit Shark Body Pillow

Shark Body Pillow – Pillow pets have become popular, we have one store-bought little one and my child likes to put on it and examine or haul it around by the tail. The choice of creatures is fairly modest, therefore I opted to make my very own! My whale shark body pillow design having written directions and accompanying pictures to demonstrate the measures. This is a simple pattern, the toughest part is working with Minky that is a slick cloth, but should you genuinely feel comfortable using this you’ll have no trouble creating this specific whale shark.

Shark Pillow - Shark Body Pillow

This routine will show to you the way it is possible to earn a superb sweet whale shark body cushion. Make it’s for a little, adorable friend or enlarge as big as you want using the additional instructions for sprucing a blueprint. This pillow is excellent for people that adore the cult film Jaws, the sea, shark body cushion week, along with mad badass or funny sharks like Left Shark in the Super Bowl. Show some love with this amazing monster with this sea wave routine with shark fins that are dangerously near.

Shark Body Pillow


  • 1/2 lawn gray Minky cloth
  • 1/2 lawn grey fleece fabric
  • Scraps of dark grey & ivory felt to your eyes
  • Coordinating thread
  • Poly-fill
  • 6 inches of white winged

Shark Body - Shark Body Pillow How to Knit Shark Body Pillow:

  • Cut pattern pieces! Eyes (2 gray, little + 2 color felt, big) Head (1 fleece + 1 Minky) Tail (2 Minky, as a mirrored pair ) Body (1 Minky + 1 Fragrant; rectangles 15″ X 15″) Velcro (3 pairs; two inches each) Straps (6 Fragrant rectangles; 4.5″ X 3″).
  • Twist or clip along with your head & tail pieces, right sides together (RST), then sew using a 3/8″ seam allowance around the outside, leaving open. Walking foot is beneficial to keep the layers together as it is possible to sew. Snip curves and flip right-side out. Materials the tail securely in addition to the head softly with poly-fill and baste the openings closed.
  • Fold every rectangle at half length-wise and sew two sides with 1/4″ seam allowance, which makes one short end available. Trim seam allowance and trim corner, then flip out the side. Sew Velcro on in the closed ending.

Crochet Pillow - Shark Body Pillow

  • Lay the minky pillow piece right side and then put the head minky side on the top and based, pull on an inch of their head out the pillow border, and snare. Center the tail onto the other hand, pull out a inch the pillow edge and trap. Baste setup across the pillow’s borders, employing the extra inch of fabric to keep it right and guide it below the feed dogs without skewing. (Please ignore that the minky pillow base hasn’t been completely trimmed yet, it had been an oversight once I was taking photographs!)
  • Lay the sleeper pillow bit up the side and set the three hook-Velcro straps placing on the interior of the pillow. Put the outer two magnets two ″ from each border and also the ring 8″ from the boundaries. Position the loop-Velcro straps putting on the inside of the pillow with precisely the specific identical space. Baste along the boundaries of every strap. Optional: use tape to maintain the finish lying right.
  • Lay on the pillow bottom and pillow top RST ensuring to keep all straps, head, and tail wrapped indoors. Twist or clip round the borders, creating a 3-4 inch gap open to spin the pillow. Sew with a 3/8″ seam allowance. Reduce the excess in the head and tail bases, clip corners.
  • Gently turn right side out, items, and ladder stitch the opening shut. Hand or machine sew the gray smaller eye to the ivory larger eye afterward hand-stitch that the eyeball on into the mind, centering through the fleece/minky seam.

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