Harry Potter Crochet Patterns: POA Scarf

Harry Potter Crochet Patterns – The Prisoner of Azkaban Hogwarts scarves is quite different from the previous scarves where egalitarian stripes at which the norm. Here is a pattern Inspired from the POA aka Prisoner of Azkaban scarves.   harry potter crochet pattern scarf


  • 7 Ounces of Main Color
  • two Ounces or more of contrasting color
  • Cast Size I
  • Darning Needle and scissors. harry potter crochet pattern griffindor scarf

 Harry Potter Crochet Patterns: POA Scarf Model

Main Pattern

  • When Changing colors cut yarn and leave at least a 6 into 10-inch tail to weave.
  • With Main Color and Crochet Hook I (or dimensions you want) Chain 30.
  • Beginning Row: hdc in the next chain from hook and in each chain for a total of 29 hdc stitches, turn.
  • Row 1 Chain 2 , count string two as the very first hdc, hdc in each stitch around, for 29 stitches, flip
  • Row 2 – 21 Duplicate Row 1
  • Row 22 Repeat Row 1, however, change colors in the previous hdc (** see notice on how best to change colours below)
  • Row 23-24 Duplicate Row 1 with Contrasting Color, on Row 24 final hdc Change colours to the major colour.
  • Row 25-27 Repeat Row 1 with the Major colour, On Row 27 the Previous hdc, Change Colors to Contrasting color.
  • Row 28-29 Repeat Row 1 together with Contrasting Colour, on Row 29 last hdc Change colours to the Main colour.
  • Keep replicating Rows 1-29 as much as you need to, Until it reaches 56 inches, and then complete using Row 1-22.

harry potter crochet pattern POA scarf


Weave the ends. Add fringe to your liking, short, long, every twist, every other stitch, one or two strands.

* Start with a loop over the hook. Twist yarn and pull through. (One series completed.) ** When prepared to switch into another colour, make your hdc in the older colour on the previous stitch, thendrag the new color through the three loops on the hook to complete that hdc or half double crochet.

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